Draught Reducing Through Wall Vents

At Airflow, we appreciate that once you have a hole in the wall the natural process and character of the flow of air would mean the colder outside air will be able to enter the building. The purpose of a ventilator is to protect from rain, vermin etc. from entering, while also allowing a measured amount of air to enter, either for background or for combustion purposes. We at Airflow won’t mislead you by saying that you will not feel the incoming air any any manufacturer that does make a statement to this effect would be incorrect. Our own tests have shown a vastly reduced speed of air recorded due to the repeated change of direction while flowing through these draught reducing vents.

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Airflow's range of products has expanded considerably over the years enabling us to incorporate building, plastering, decorating, plumbing, gardening and roof ventilation products into our portfolio adding an extra 250 new products to our core offering of ventilation products.


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